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Indonesian Highlights

Indonesia offers a wide variety of attractions. Frankly speaking it is the most interesting country as far as tourism is concerned. In the area of 2 million km2 everything is within a reach: spectacular beaches covered with amazing white sand, where turquoises waters go with the worlds’ most beautiful coral reef. Amazing lagoons, countless waterfalls, wide rivers, breathtaking lakes and valleys, high mountains, volcanoes, impressive gorges and impenetrable rainforests; everything is there just waiting for being visited. Such a diverse area abounds in rich flora and fauna, many of them being critically endangered species and also endemic. It is not only about worldwide famous orangutans, but also Sumatran tigers, white elephants or rhinos. All of those attractions are available in Indonesia.

Every single part of that country differs so much that moving from one island to another we can feel as if we were in different countries. Native tribes inhabiting Indonesia have various traditions, cultures and beliefs. It is variety that Indonesia reveals in the proclamation: Bhinneka Tunggal Ika’– ‘Unity in diversity’.

Everyone can find something for themselves there. Those who are in favor of active way of recreation can dive or do snorkeling among the most beautiful worlds’ coral reef, can climb active volcanoes, visit numerous temples and meet native people as Korowai or Mentawai for example. Those who prefer rather passive way of recreation, Indonesia can offer islands such as Bali, Lombok or Raja Ampat where the sun never sets. The attractions of Indonesia are unlimited.


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