Why vaccinations are such tough topics?

Dealing with vaccinations before travelling has always been a tough issue. It is commonly known that inoculation is expensive and most of us want to travel cheaply. Moreover immunization doesn’t result in visible effects. The luck of good quality trekking shoes or a good sleeping bag can be perceived immediately but the luck of some vaccine? Definitely not, as long as we stay healthy. Otherwise it occurs that the sum we saved by not paying for inoculation must be spent anyway, besides the sum doubles. That’s one disservice, another one deals with intangible losses such as obligatory break in a trip or weakness and weariness. That’s at best, at worst the travel must be called a halt or even worse circumstances can develop. Such type of saving money is rather incoherent than.

Money is one of the aspects that makes us being daunted by vaccinations but the keystone is the Internet. Discussions led on different forums are ridiculous. Everyone can tell their point of view but not everyone can be relied on. Many people hold that immunization is not needed even more it is absolutely useless. They try to proof it by saying that they were in a given country for some time and nothing wrong has happened. They returned in a perfect health, no danger was noticed by them, no nasty, unsafe animals seen. They claim that hotels were tidy, no dirt no insecurity nor instability. Absolutely nothing wrong. Those are the people who think that it is a good travel agency that should protect their clients form danger. It is not true. The good travel agency should tell their clients about the danger, should make them aware of it, should inform about all means of prevention to take just to return home safe and sound.

Tropical diseases in Indonesia

That is why before leaving for Indonesia, for the own sake it is crucial to consult a doctor of tropical medicine. It is vital to remember that Indonesia apart from being a kingdom of awesome beaches and fabulous landscapes is also a place where we face dirt, various gems, microorganisms and illnesses that don’t develop in Europe and therefore Europeans are not used to them. Most of the infections can be cured by vaccines however some of them like malaria or denga have to be treated by pills. The best moment for visiting the doctor is about six weeks before departure as inoculation needs time.

The most important vaccinations

First of all it is important to vaccinate against tetanus, very common malady as a result of scratches and injures. Viral hepatitis A and B are diseases that belong to the so called group: ’better not have’ and which are extremely easy to be infected just by drinking contaminated water or impure food ( hepatitis A ) or during the medical treatment, at hairdresser or at beautician ( hepatitis B ). Next unpleasant and cumbersome disorder is typhoid, easy to be caught in Indonesia. Again it is enough to eat contaminated food or water leaving alone dirty hands Indonesian people so eagerly want to shake. Rabies is a disease that can be caused by animals. Just a little scratch will do. Homeless dogs and cats, countless monkeys, rats, mice and other rodents are everywhere. Doesn’t matter if it’s a small village or a centre of a big city. Bad luck results in big problem. There are deadly dangerous mosquitos that can cause malaria, from time to time a mortal disease or denga that is not so much mortal as very bothersome. There is no vaccine against malaria but taking regularly prescribed pills prevents us from being infected. It is enough to use repellents and mosquito nets to be protected from denga.

Why to invest in being vaccinated?

It is an expensive task to get vaccinated against tropical diseases, but it is crucial. We do buy a good quality equipment prepare our body to go but we don’t care about our health. We are afraid of our legs, hands ect but we don’t care about inner parts of organism. Inoculation supports us, is a sort of a shield protecting our health and our well-being. Are they not the factors the most important in the travel? Is being exposed into danger just for some sum of money really worth it? This is the question everyone has to answer in accordance to own convictions.

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