Not only scientists but also ordinary people have always been fascinated by the secrets of pyramids. There are plenty of such constructions around the world, and many ancient cultures could be proud of their ability to construct them. The most mystic ones are those of ancient Maya, located all over the area of Central America; the White Pyramid in China, a huge object that is highly protected by the government with no access allowed, the famous Egyptian Pyramids, although discovered long time ago, still wrapped in mystery. Unusual pyramids can be found in the area of Iraq, so called ‘zikkurats’, which are shrines in a shape of a step pyramid. Sudan also has its own ones, much smaller than their Egyptian equivalents, but equally fascinating. There are many pyramids in Europe, too. The most famous are those located in Montevecchia, near Milan, Italy. There are three constructions the highest of which is 150 meters. The Canarias, Guimar boasts about 12-meter-constructions. However, not only pyramids are enigmatic and still undiscovered and full of mystery. The weirdest world’s constructions are also: ‘moai’ extant monumental statues located on Easter Island, Chile and more familiar to Europeans, Stonehenge in Great Britain. All of these objects are well-known which doesn’t mean that there are no bizarre ones remaining hidden from the public eye. One of these places is in Indonesia which still hasn’t solved the mystery of Gunung Padang.

Gunung Padang – characteristic

According to researchers it is the oldest, the biggest and the most inexplicable building in the Southeast Asia. It is located on West Java, near the towns of Cianjur and Sukubumi. It is called by them the ‘Mountain of Enlightenment.’ It is a sacred place of local people who call it the Mountain of Enlightenment. Besides its religious purpose it is also an ideal place for meditations and sky observations.

Not until 1914 did Europeans learn about that place. They were the Dutch who had left Europe just before the I World War. The natives told them about their divine place created by the mystic king Silawangi and it was just enough for the colonists not to continue their investigation. They didn’t focus much more on that place. It remained untouched until the world’s political situation stabilised enough to begin the exploration of The Unknown. Gunung Padang was a subject of discussion in 1949, but because of the lack of money and sufficient motivation, once again nothing was done to explore it. The year 1979 turned out to be crucial. It is when its peak was reached by geographers and geologists. From that moment on this area is considered to be one of the most weird and unexplored places on the Earth. The puzzles went one after another and scientists were shocked day by day. Their constant amusement led to various theories, many of which were extra-terrestrial based. Graham Hancok in his book ‘Magician of the Gods’ mentions the Mountain of Enlightenment as a direct proof of the existence of an Per-Ice Age Civilisation that we are absolutely unfamiliar with.

Gunung Padang – history

After reaching the top of the mountain, the scientists have found hundreds of stone blocks shaped regularly. What is more, those blocks were placed in a very specific order. Never had they seen something like that before! Plenty of questions arose: who had constructed something like that, what for, when? Neither those were clear nor the way the solid stone blocks were put on the top of the peak, that was 900 meters high. Those questions, however, appeared to be quite ordinary, as far as archaeology is concerned. Many researchers all over the world had to face similar ones. They become more and more complicated when long-scale works begun. It appeared that the mountain is not a mountain at all, but rather a pyramid that was constructed using thousands and thousands of basalt columns which are stacked atop one another to form several terraces. Moreover, at the top of terraces megalithic buildings are located. Research determined their creation at about 1500 B.C to 500 A.D. Soon after it scientists discovered that it is a 200-meter-pyramid made of blocks of volcanic rocks combined with mortar. Scanner revealed that inside, in the depth of 25 meters, there is a small empty chamber. One of the theories says that it was a place where locals used to hide in case of earthquakes or volcanic eruptions, which are very common disasters in the area. Another one convinces that it was here where the tombs were put, more like Egyptians did. No one knows for sure though. When the walls were thoroughly cleaned some inscriptions have been found, that still remain incomprehensible.

Telling the approximate age of the pyramid required some drilling, which led to the conclusion that that the structure of the object is much more complicated as it had been supposed earlier. It is multileveled, and to make things even more mysterious every separate level appeared to be older than the previous one. The deeper they reached the older layer they found. The range varied from 3000 years ago, right up to even 22 000 with the sample taken from the deepest level. It made archaeologists thought that the pyramid was built over many centuries. Therefore we can easily claim that Gunung Padang remains the longest-ever built pyramid. Another questions dealing with its building is who, when and why started the construction. Many generations were involved in the works, that’s for sure. In the meantime scientists discovered that the mythical king Silawangi, the natives were talking about, had been real, and indeed ruled his kingdom about 1500 years B.C.

The next absolutely astonishing discovery was mortar. The research showed silicon and iron ore inside. It is absolutely unclear how it had been possible to do metallurgical works with no electricity access. Miracles? Aliens? Unless they had got such. Theories were abundantly arousing until 2015, when a strange metal device was found. According to scientists it is made of gold and copper and looks like a capacitor. It was found in the layer dated to 12 000 years ago, what made scientists come to conclusion that the human being had mastered electricity as far as in antiquity.

The pyramid revealed one more mystery, a very unusual artefact. The research confirmed it was made by humans. The exceptional project and significant weight prove that it was constructed for a specific purpose, but its destiny remains unknown. The lack of traces of use and abrasions testifies that it was treated with extreme caution.


Gunung Padang changed everything we know about history. Let’s not be afraid of saying that. On the basic of what we have learnt so far, and leaving alone all extra-terrestrials theories, it can be assumed that our civilisation may be a branch of much older, absolutely unknown one that had fallen approximately 13 000 years B.C. for example as a result of series of natural disasters. One of the followers of that theory is Graham Hancock, a British author and reporter who specialises in pseudoscientific theories involving ancient civilisations. He believes that the Earth was hit by a comet which caused a ‘cosmic winter’.

The scientist have been working on the mysteries of Gunung Padang but there are still more questions than answers. Can we ever answer them, can we reach the deepest abyss of our history? We do not know yet, but we can stand up, buy ticket and go to see the Mountain of Enlightenment located Jl. Alternatif Cibubur, Karyamukti, Campaka, Kabupaten Cianjur, Java Barat. It is worth doing so.

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