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Indonesia is actually one of the best countries to dive just because of its location. It is surrounded by one of the world’s most spectacular coral reef with the richest assemblage of flora and fauna. Apart from that it boasts about spectacular beaches with white sand and coco palms which are utterly breathtaking. It definitely is a charming land encircled by two oceans: Pacific and Indian. The waters constantly tempt us by the turquoise colour and perfect temperature. This is Bali, an island of your diving dreams.

Bali the best places to dive

Bali is relatively small but rich in diving places. The most interesting ones are: Tulamben, Nusa Penida, Amed, Padangbai and Nusa Lembongan. Some of them are famous and more crowded, other less known and more quiet, but it does not mean less interesting. Tulamben beach, for example, is a extremely appealing place. It is located in north eastern part of the island and is utterly black because of the volcanic sand it is covered in. On such a surface snails and various shells lying in the sand sparkle in the sun creating an unforgettable view. Here lies, underwater, on a sand slope an American ship USAT Liberty, that was torpedoed by Japanese in 1942,south west of the Lombok Strait. US destroyer took the damaged ship on tow attempting to reach Singaraja harbour. Unfortunately, there was a fallout, as she was taking too much water. That’s why the ship was beached at Tulamben. In 1963 the eruption of Mount Agung caused her to slip off the beach and now she lies several meters below the ocean surface. Today she is covered in multitude of coral. Weak current and good visibility of 10 to 30 meters makes it one of the most interesting sites of Bali. The best visibility occurs during the dry season, a bit worse in wet one. The water temperature oscillates about 260 C. The wreck is very easy to be found, you can get there by boat from the shore after about a 5 minute swim.


Nearby Tulamben there is another fantastic place for diving The Drop Off, or just Tulamben Wall. It is characterised by weak current and good visibility, so it is an ideal place for less experienced divers. It has been formed by the lava river of the Mount Agung in 1963. The depth varied from 3 to 80 meters and it is surrounded by amazing coral reef and rich flora and fauna. Underwater photos taken there can be the most fantastic, the best made in your entire life. It is also an idea place for night diving.

Amed is a picturesque town where you can also find many good places for diving. Going underwater is most attractive in ‘The Wall’. You can reach this place within 5 minute boat ride. The Wall is located on the right side of the bay from Amed beach. “Amed Wall’ is one of the most spectacular dives in the area. It is covered in a variety of sponges, soft and hard corals, sea fans and hydroids. If you dive deeper, around 30 meters, you may have the chance to see pygmy seahorse. Taking a camera is obligatory here.

In Amed there is also a wreck of Japanese ship. It is quite small and it looks as if it used to be a tug. The depth on the wreck varies from 6m to 12m as it lies diagonally. The wreck itself is a very easy and safe dive, however the current is extremely strong here so only very experienced divers can achieve the pleasure of presence on this ship. It is easy to get there. The road is quite good, so it can be reached by car, mini-bus or by motorbike. It is located about 10 minute ride away from Amed. The Japanese wreck can be dived all year round but the best time is between April and November. The wreck offers a great location for photographers as there are a lot of shrimps, gorgonian and corals around it.

Manta Piont, Nusa Penida is another fantastic site, however only for experienced divers. Because of choppy water and strong underwater currents all divers are required to be properly certified and inexperienced ones have to book a private guide. It is a perfect place especially if you are a dedicated underwater photographer.

Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida is a really amazing site. It is a small bay with a rock in the middle. Visibility of 50 meters makes this place unforgettable and provides us with breathtaking views. In the depth of 30 meters endemic species can be seen that are very unusual and beautiful. It is here, where the mola fish can be seen. They are most often seen between June and October. Mola is the biggest bony fish in the world.

Blue Corner, Nusa Lembongan. It is a small island about 20 km east of Bali. Blue corner is the most demanding diving site on Bali. Here, only the most experienced divers are allowed. Over 100  submergences are required and an experience in swimming in a very strong current, to be allowed to dive there. Apart from being hit by strong currents the island attracts many large fish therefore it’s one of the Bali most challenging dive sites. Moreover, Blue Corner has many eddies and whirlpools.  Visibility oscillates here around 25 to 40 metre and it doesn’t change because of season. It remains the same in both dry and wet ones. This stability is quite important. However, the crucial thing is to obey to a professional guide. If your dive guide recommends that you don’t dive, just do not insist and don’t put yourself in dangerous situations. Everything depends on weather conditions, currents and fish that can be very dangerous for people.


Blue Lagoon, Pasangbai. The beach lies northeast of the main beach of Padangbai and is framed by green and rocky hills on both sides. It is one of the most isolated diving sites in Bali. It is the most famous place, perfect for an easy fun dive, dive course, a night dive or snorkelling. It can provide you with unforgettable time and experience. The best conditions are in the morning when the visibility is better. The place can be dived all year round.

Practical information

There are many companies on Bali that deal with diving and snorkelling. Local instructors apart from being well experienced also possess a wild knowledge of coral reef and its flora and fauna.  We cooperate with the most trustworthy, proven companies that offer the best equipment, checked and safe. Hence our instructors are those of great experience and when they start telling us about underwater life you will not long for returning to the surface. The cost of renting of equipment varies, similar to its quality, depending on company of course, but our offer is acceptable. Prices vary from  45€ to 100€ depending on a group size. Our partners also offer discounts. What we guarantee is security and a great fun.

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