Bali can boast about spectacular, extensive beaches that are the most magnificent ones in the world. They vary but all of them shared one common factor. They are absolutely phenomenal: spacious, sandy, with turquoise water, outstanding lagoons and eye catching coral reef. Like a postcard shows. Some of them are commonly known and quite popular, others are secluded and more quiet, but all of them offer much to their sunbathers.

Nyang- Nyang Uluwatu

It is a pristine beach, one of the Bali least visited ones. This is partially due to its location and the long trek required to reach it. The beach is located in the Pecatu area, half of kilometre’s drive southeast of the Uluwatu Temple. There are several routes that lead down to Nyang- Nyang Uluatu. From Villa Plenilunio you need to continue on an approximatelly half-hour trek down rugged terrain. This route is worth being chosen due to its splendid views over the limestone hillside covered in greenery and flowering bushes. The beach itself is very impressive. It is worth staying on there for sunset. It is also a perfect place for bonfires under the stars and for those who like setting up tents and camp the night.

Suban Uluwatu

It is one of the Bali’s most unique coasts, surrounded by natural limestone formations. It can be reached by steps and log ramps through very narrow gaps in the rock. The beach is not only the paradise for sunbathers but also for surfers, who think very highly of it. It offers massive waves from 1 to 3,5 meter, and surfers can spend the whole day playing and enjoying their time. The best time to come here is from April to August, during the dry season. The nearby coral reef can be reached by boat, paddling, what makes a great fun. Blue Point is a nickname and it lies in the coastal area of Labuan Site, not far from Uluwatu. Uluwatu is the place where the oldest and the most important temple on Bali can be admired. The temple is on a cliff about 80 meters above the sea.

The beach is 34 km from Denpasar, but it can also be reached from Kuta, the distance about 45 km. It is difficult to get there by public transport unless you take a taxi. The best way to get there is by motorbike or by car. There is a parking at the roadside, right at the stairs down to the beach. Parking fees are not very high; IDR 15 000 for car and IDR 5 for motorbikes. From there you will have to face a 10-minute walk down a concrete steps. There are many locally-run cafes, surfboard rentals and shops. Beach entrance costs IDR 20 000.


Green Bowl Ungasan

It is one of the Bali’s most secluded beaches, although it is located only 15 km away from Kuta. There are two large limestone caves that provides shelter and shadow for sunbathers and surfers paddling in. the best time to go is during low tide, when the calm and crystal clear waters allow fantastic snorkeling. During the high tide most of the beach gets flooded, sometimes even up to the cliff’s rock.

Getting to Green Bowl Beach is relatively easy going south off Jalan Dharmawangsa. Near Bali Cliff Resort there is a temple worth being seen. The parking costs IDR 5 000. There are some warungs, local restaurants, in the area, and the outstanding view can be admired form the cliffs. However, there are no lifeguards on the duty here, so you must be rather careful while swimming, snorkeling or diving, as waves are quite dangerous here.

Bias Tugel Pandangbai.

This beach is south of the Padangbai Harbour. It is a small bay with a 130-meter stretch of white sand. The bay offers a tranquil scene, a beautiful seascape with calm blue waves and rock pools. Snorkels and fins can be easily rent from some of the locals. Beautiful coral reef is around there but it is crucial to keep in mind strong currents and no lifeguard on duty.


Beaches of Amed are definitely worth being mentioned. The most attractive ones are White Sand Beach and Virgin Beach in Amlapura. They are spectacular beaches with white sand, the real paradise for sunbathers. There are many local restaurants where fantastic local food is served, and sunbeds that can be hired for the whole day or for some hours. But if you order something in a local restaurant, even a cup of coffee, then you get a sunbed for free. One meal costs IDR 35 000-50 000 and drink 10 000-50 000


Summing up

There is a great amount of beaches on Bali. Frankly speaking all of them are outstanding and breathtaking. We present here our, subjective point of view. According to us, they are the beaches worth being seen. Many of them offer not only snorkels, fins or surfing accessories to rent, but also sunbeds. An average price of sunbed with an umbrella oscillates around IDR 50 000. However, you have to remember that prices for tourists differ. Locals gain the same product for much less money than visitors, hence bargaining if crucial. Are you good at bargaining then you can lower the price to a half. Local warungs, restaurants offer meals in quite reasonable prices oscillating around IDR 25 000- 50 000 for a meal consists of fried noddle and fried vegetables. Beverages are not expensive, a cup of tea costs about IDR 3 000 -10 000. Drinks cost IDR 10 000 – 15 000, and fresh coco juice is about IDR 25 000. Local beer Bintang costs IDR 25 000 – 50 000. Some of the beaches have parking and toilets fee. Toilet is about IDR 3 000 and shower IDR 5 000. Some of the beaches are not available during the high tide and some of them are very demanding as far as trek is concerned. There are vertical, high stairs or sharp spinal formations.

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