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Our company is a family business, established in the 70s of last century and continuously operating till now. In 2010 we have expanded our services, entered the online market and gained partners in Europe and Japan. Currently, the business is managed by HER: Catherine – Indonesian, professional accountant, loving her country and its diversity, and HIM: Bastian – Pole, information technology architect, loving expeditions in the wilderness of Indonesia.

duabenua - family business
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Travel Tours & Private Expeditions to Indonesia

We encourage and invite you to visit with us the most stunning islands: Sumatra, Java, Bali, Lombok, Gili, Komodo, Flores, Timor, Sumba, Sumbawa, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Maluku, Papua, Raja Ampat. Tell us where you would like to go and how you want to spend your time. Would you prefer a blissful relaxation in complete peace and tranquility, drawing energy from the sun on a paradise island? Or maybe you want to experience an unforgettable adventure by exploring the equatorial jungle, diving in the depths of the ocean or discovering mysterious remnants of ancient civilizations?
You decide of the form of your dream holiday in Indonesia, whether it is a beach resort stay or a constant journey into the unknown. You choose Indonesia to fulfill your dreams. While we take the responsibility to organize everything so that your dreams come true.

Surfer with surfboard on a coastline
Gili Trawangan Island Transport
Thailand - Bangkok
The Canoe war ceremony
Tropical Island and Underwater Paradise for Divers, Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Beratan Lake in Bali Indonesia, 6 March 2017 : Balinese villagers participating in traditional religious Hindu procession in Ulun Danu temple Beratan Lake in Bali Indonesia

Indonesia – the land of exuberance and colours

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country located in Southeast Asia on more than seventeen thousand islands, between the Indian and the Pacific Ocean. This wonderful place is a melting pot of many cultures, traditions, and religions, with extremely colourful, genuine, and interesting folklore. The islands present each of the possible landscapes, from the rugged, lunar-like scenery of majestic smouldering volcanoes, mysterious rainforests sunk in the mist, oceans with crystal turquoise waters covering the richest marine life, to the sweeping plains and undulated highlands resembling fluffy green carpets. It is a land of many attractions, both for adventurers and for those who seek a serene leisure in blissful retreat. Only here you can spy on prehistoric „dragons” – the largest lizards in their natural habitat of Komodo Island. Only here you can have a feeling as if time does not exist while staying on one of the paradise beaches in the islands of Java, Borneo, Gili, Papua, where the richness of nature combined with the ever-present tropical vibe guarantee the ultimate relaxation for both body and spirit. And here, in the isolated Papua – the least explored region of the world, among the primitive tribes, the tourist can feel like a true explorer.
The beauty offered by the Indonesian archipelago has its power not only in pristine, often unspoilt nature. It can be also found in the warm-hearted people of this land. The world class diving among the coral reefs or rafting will delight even the most hungry for challenge and craving for adrenaline-boosting extreme sports.
Rich flora, exotic fauna, the possibility of both active recreation and peaceful leisure, endless adventure, exploring the magical world of many cultures, experiencing the everyday live of Indonesians, discovering unique places – all of them are the best recommendation of Indonesia – the land of colours, energy, a tourist paradise.


duabenua - family business

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