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Indonesia – the land of exuberance and colours

Indonesia is a land of over 17 000 islands, situated in South- East Asia. Its coastline is surrounded by two oceans: Pacific and Indian. This is a mecca of many cultures, customs and traditions with very colourful and fascinating folklore. Due to it, vacation in Indonesia will be the best ever. That country can fulfil the wildest thoughts even of the most demanding tourists. For those who prefer a passive rest, Indonesia can offer a paradise holidays. Spectacular beaches, white sand, turquoise waters and one of the worlds’ most beautiful coral reefs transfer you to wonderland. You can dive, do snorkelling, water sports, sunbathing or relaxing in hotels taking a massage or being in spa.

Those who would rather relax in an active way will definitely be enchanted by tours that are available in Indonesia. Just try to think about mountain climbing where peaks reach over 4 000 meters, and are covered with snow or unforgettable trekking in impenetrable rainforests, maybe even about a trek to active volcanos. However Indonesian tours are not only demanding. Without such an effort you can visit Komodo dragons, orangutans, Sumatran tigers or rhinos. If you want to do some sightseeing tour, Indonesia offers a wide range of tours dealing with cultures and traditions.

Indonesia is so different that you never get bored by it. The phrase placed on the flag says: ‘Unity in diversity’. That should be a clue for every single person who is interested in keywords: Indonesia holidays and Indonesia tours.


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