Bali when to go ?

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bali when to go

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Genenal information

Bali is a paradise, a place of spectacular beaches and lush vegetation, neither frozen winters nor grayish autumn occur. Bali is full of sun with warm weather and abundant greenery all year round. Turquoise waters surrounding the island make you feel like in heaven. Should it be asked when to come here? Is it the right question? Shall we ask when to go to paradise? The answer is simple: Paradise is the Paradise no doubts when, it is always ready for being visited.

Rainy season

There are no seasons like European ones in Bali. The only seasons occur are rainy and dry ones and they divide a year more or less into two parts. Rainy season is between October and April, but it does not mean that no rain occurs in the rest of the year. The most frequent rainfall is between December and January, but the most heavy rain starts from November. However, Christmas time is still good for visiting the island. First of all the temperatures oscillate around 26 0C, which is quite moderate and amiable. Next, there are not many tourists so the island is not overcrowded, busy and noisy. The term ‘rainy season’ terrifies tourists and they’d rather stay at home. As a result there is no point in being afraid of rainy days. Most rainfall is intensive but rather short. Fifteen minutes is enough to change streets into rivers, but then the sun comes out and all wet disappears. While raining you can stay in a hotel or restaurant spending time on talks with local people who are very kind and open-hearted. You can also try local food that is always worth being tasted, it is absolutely unique. The amount of rainy days in rainy season is about 10 to 16 within a month, so it is not so many. Intensity depends on region so not every single place is wet. The least rainfall occurs on the coastline. The best idea is to buy an Indonesian raincoat that is really perfect for that time.

author @heru_setiyanto

Dry season

Dry season is characterized by less humidity in the air. The sun works very intensely and it seems as if it intended to burn everything alive. Bali can be visited during that period of time, however some precautions have to be taken. Sun cream is dearly needed, most important the ones with proper UV filters; hats and long sleeved shirts are also essential, just to protect form the sun; additionally, you mustn’t forget common sense. All of that put together guarantees a great stay. Showers may happen all the year, but within a dry season it can refresh the air, clean street dust and bring relief.

Summing up

It is possible to visit Bali every time of the year. The question is why to go. If you consider gold beaches with white, delicate sand, what means sunbathing, by no means, it is much better to go between May and September. Estimate number of rainy days that time is about 3 to 9 a month. The slightest rainfall occurs in August. The humidity, however, is pretty high then.

If you consider active way of spending your vacation as trekking volcanoes or visiting that spectacular island, then it is much better to arrive here between September and April. First of all humidity is lower, there is some short-term rainfall which can be beneficial.

Bali weather is quite simple. The hottest month is May with temperature oscillating around 280C, the cooler month is January with average temperature around 260 C. According to meteorological tests August is the month with the best weather, and January is the more rainy one. Despite being such a wet month January reaches the highest oceans temperatures with about 290 C.

Bali can be visited any time. The most important thing to bear in mind are these two seasons, and to decide what do you want to do there.

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